Creating Online Consignment

Use the Consignment Manager to view and create consignments for events.

  1. Click Consign > Online Consignment Request or click Members > My Consignments.
  2. Click Add a New Event Account to add an event account.
    NOTE: Before you can add a consignment request you must create an event account.
  3. Once you have created an event account, if you have no consignment requests then click the Click Here to Begin Adding Consignment Requests button.
  4. Or if you are adding a consignment request, then click the Add Another Consignment for Event button.
  5. To view your consignment requests click an event on the Consignment Manager page. For example Scottsdale yyyy or Palm Beach yyyy.
    • Description: The vehicle year, name and model.
    • Reference Number: The consignment request reference number.
    • Current Status: Reviewed or not reviewed.
    • Details: Displays the details of the consignment request.
    • Upload Images: Click the Upload Images button to upload images for the vehicle.
    • Upload Documentation: Click the Upload Documentation button to upload documentation for the vehicle.
By Phone:

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